How’d I Get My Sweet Promotion At Work? (Part 2 – A Choice Is Laid Out)

March 30, 2016

Picking up from yesterday

In the midst of this, it started to look as though things were gonna change in the future-ish (with some expanding). The idea was the responsibilities would be re-distributed a bit, perhaps. (You know, it was all pretty fluid-ish.) So my incredible boss had a talk with me about what my future could look like, and what I wanted from it.

Since I was acting as sort of half an assistant editor, half a post-coordinator, there was possibly an opportunity to take on more administrative stuff (more of the post coord/sup track – while still probably doing some AE work). Sure, that would’ve been nice. I do like communicating with the network…

And then there was a possible opportunity to move more into the editing track.

Originally when I came in to this job, I’d set up the idea that I didn’t necessarily want to be an editor. I want to be more of a writer/producer/performer in general, in life. So I worry sometimes about getting so far from there that I get a little stuck. Sometimes, as an editor, you’re in your dark bay, in your own world, deep away from a lot of other production stuff.

And I thought that maybe I would want more of a post sup role, if something like that ever became available… And I told my boss all of that so that she’d know where I wanted to go and could help me get there. (If you never speak out loud what you want/need, it makes it way harder to get it.)

But, as I have learned, editing here is soooooo different from any other show I’ve worked on. It’s like an on-set job. I love every single thing about it. And I learn a ton all the time.

And I will always be ridiculously grateful to my boss for her allowing me to change my mind. (I’m still kind of beside myself with the awesomeness of that.)

She thought I’d want to do more of the admin stuff (since I had laid out that idea to her before), but as I’d been editing more and adoring it, she really opened up a world of possibilities to me.

I adore her for that. (She is the best in the universe!)

(And in real life, I think in this situation, editing actually is closer to the path I need to be on than a post coord/post sup role would’ve been… And that’s not even an actual role now… though it could’ve been and/or could be…)

Anyway, as I was leaning toward becoming an editor, my boss talked at (super) length with me about what that would mean for me – in every way. We talked about my career and future. We talked about what would be expected of me (more – there’d be more on my shoulders if I were editing headlines). We talked about all the pros and any cons.

She was so patient and smart and just fantastic.

And I got basically the weekend to think about it.

I’m sure it seems a little crazy from an outsider’s perspective to not consider editing on a fabulous late night show… But there was a lot to think about – which I’ll talk about tomorrow.

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