How’d I Get My Sweet Promotion At Work? (Part 4 – Talking With The Council)

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Fareed and Aurora outside The Nightly ShowPicking up from yesterday –

All weekend, I talked everything out with the “council of Aurora.”

Basically, my dad and B are the co-chairs.

Then I have some rotating people in the other (also figurative) chairs.

And that weekend, Fareed came to town (not to talk to me, just ’cause it was already planned). I super trust his judgement. And he’s an incredible listener. So, it was really nice to talk to him about this. I also had a couple of other friends I talked to as well.

And every single person (minus one who we’ll get to) said, “become an editor. You really sound like you’re leaning toward it. You have to. Being an editor in the Jon Stewart family? That’s real. That’s so real. And tangible. And now. Don’t give that up for something that’s such a strong maybe as a workshop that’s not going well.”

There was one lone voice of dissent when I mentioned it to someone in one of the BMI years, who told me that there are a million TV shows, but only one BMI. I applied forever, and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Gotta keep at it. While I appreciated the descent, I obviously ultimately disagreed.

When I thought more on what they said, editing jobs are not easy to get – even if there are a bunch of shows… And it wasn’t like I got some random reality editing gig or something, that conceivably you could argue might come by again, perhaps – or might at least be easier to get, with the wealth of reality shows and editing jobs on said shows. (Though it for sure would still be very hard to get – and to get again!)

But this was not that anyway. This was editing in the Jon Stewart family. How often does this happen? It was so incredibly right place/right time. How could I not?

Still, it was very nice to have another perspective… I feel like sometimes it helps solidify my own feelings when I get another opinion. It helps me have other things to consider, and then I know if I’m still inclined to fight for my original position, that might really show what I really truly wanted (even if I was already preeeeetty sure of that – if that makes sense).

Aaaaaaanyway, through all the gorgeous genius talking (thank you so much, lovely kind friends), this is where I basically landed:

…Well, I’ll tell you tomorrow.

(Spoiler alert (as you can already tell) – I obviously did take the job. Still, I’ll talk about those final thoughts tomorrow!)

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