A Couple Of “Earning My Keep” Stories At Work

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016
Selfie with my nightly show hat

(random selfie with my Nightly Show hat)

As I was getting toward getting my promotion, my boss was really sweet. (She’s always sweet, is she not?)

On the Wednesday before I became an editor, I kept waking up in the middle of the night almost every hour and [ew], I puked a bunch – a whole bunch.

I don’t know if it was the vegan sandwich I’d eaten that night (from a place we’re all kind of starting to question :-0), or me not handling stress well anymore, or what it was. But I was siiiiick.

And there was a field shoot that day.

It was super hard to get out of bed, but I kept trying. And eventually, I drug myself into work.

It was a dark working week, which meant we were all working, but we didn’t have shows. Depending on your department and what you do, you were either catching up, looking forward, or both.

I was supposed to sync and group a field piece that was coming in and needed to be prepped that day.

And I came in. I was very sick at my desk, and definitely made a run to the bathroom to puke for a while.

My boss – my sweet, lovely, understanding boss – felt so bad for me.

Even still, she said I was basically the most skilled one there when it came to assistant skills, and that as much as she hated to ask me, since I was already there, if I could just prep it, then I could leave.

And I happily did.

And she commented, “If there was ever a doubt in anyone’s mine that you deserve this promotion, I think your attitude today shows it.”

I obviously didn’t plan to get sick, but if I was going to, that was some pretty great timing.

I also know that one little thing here and there doesn’t make or break you. I made little mistakes here and there that didn’t get me fired. Just as I’ve done a few great things that didn’t necessarily get me promoted. I know it’s more about body of work and everything together.

But I will say, one other little tiny story that I really enjoyed was there was a day where we had to edit something in a way that would take off some audience laughter that was married to it. (I mean, it’s not often that we ever take off laughter. But for this specifically, we needed to.) And using the EQ tool, I was able to do it.

(I’m not sure if I mentioned that on this blog before or not…?)

But at the time, my boss was super happy and proud. And I thought, “Heck yeah Music Production & Engineering major coming in handy when I least expected it!”

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