How Long Is The Appropriate Amount Of Time To Stay? – Part 2

April 8, 2016

And I actually don’t regret that. I think the sentiment behind it made sense. I went on to many better jobs, and ultimately I became an editor in the Jon Stewart family. I’m pretty lucky!

And everything is totally more than fine. BUT I also have no idea how that would’ve worked out… Who knows. I could’ve already won an Emmy for all we know. (But I hiiiiiiiighly doubt that staying would’ve done that or changed anything.)

Also, I don’t know how anything would’ve worked out. For instance, even though I’m SO happy at The Nightly Show, and I think it was the very best decision to stay and work hard and make it work, great stuff could’ve happened at that sitcom. I don’t know.

Even on a personal level, there are people you fight with but then are happy that they stick around (or at least, there are for me). I don’t want to get too deep into it or anything here (you know, privacy and such), but there was a close friend of mine that I had a little kind of blow-up with years ago. And then a few months later (that’s right – that’s how big the blow-up was; it took months), we talked it out.

And now we’re pretty good friends, and we talk pretty regularly. And I’m happy about that. It was worth it to keep trying to move forward with him. He adds to my life and I can hardly even remember fighting with him now…

So, I *usually* lean toward sticking with things on the verge of too long… Or maybe, it’s in my personal life I lean toward too long, and with work *sometimes* I lean on the edge of too short (though not always…)…

But then I’ve seen people at some jobs, or with some people, who stay forever and are miserable.

Heck, the worst job of my life, I worked for 7 weeks, which feels like WAY too long (even though that’s practically nothing in the scheme of things).

But then I’ve also seen people leave things in a huff, probably too early. So, I just don’t know. I don’t know if there is an answer. I also don’t know if perhaps the answer is just whatever choice you decide to have the correct attitude about it – since after all, attitude is suuuuuch a huge part of life.

Ah… just thinking out loud with no conclusions. Oh, random posts!

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