Crawlunteering (March 19, 2016)

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

Aurora crawlunteeringYet again, another volunteer position I didn’t know existed! A “crawlunteer.”

As I try to build back up my pillars that I always talk about (or my foundation, or whatever you wanna call it), and as I try to build more of a life in New York and get out and do things to really feel like I live there…

I went out to this Pub Crawl For Cancer I found on VolunteerMatch.

Basically, we just sat around and checked teams in. It was quite an easy volunteer feat. There were three of us posted there. So I think in total, I only had to check in two teams… But I did run stacks of pitchers around to bars in the morning! So, I feel like I at least did soooome real work. 😉

Everybody was super nice – the other volunteers, and the man who ran the whole thing (who was from out of town ’cause his job it to run these all around the country – which I thought was such an interesting job I never knew about).

The “contestants” or whatever we want to call them were also very nice. Basically, it was a nice day where I pretty much sat around and talked to people and ate a bunch of greasy bar food. (Oof. I’m getting so fat in New York, huh?)

After the crawlunteering, I walked home and explored a little, and I found a Barnes & Noble! I’ve gotten a little spoiled with online shopping, and sort of forgotten that I really love (kinda love, love) bookstores! I hung out in there for what seemed like forever, bought some New York travel books, and for some reason got a Barnes & Noble membership (again… I haven’t had one in a couple of years, but I used to loooove that store… and now, apparently, I believe I will go there all the time… Will I? Who knows. Remains to be seen!)

The point is, it was a nice day!

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