We Watched My Price Is Right Video In The Production Meeting! (March 9, 2016)

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016
Price is Right on in production meeting

(not a great photo… but this is TPiR on in the Production Meeting)

Ah, goodness. It’s so funny to read back and think about how I didn’t fit in at The Nightly Show. (What? I mean, it’s crazy now.)

Basically, what happened was… I’m pretty friendly with my buddy, one of the security guards.

And one night, when things were winding down at the office, we ended up watching my Price is Right episode at his podium.

Then, the Co-EP came down and saw us watching it. And she looooved that I was on The Price is Right. (And I love her. :-))

And wouldn’t you know it? The next morning, in the production meeting, when the EP asked if anyone had anything else, she said she had a 5-minute inspirational video. Her assistant pulled it up on TV, and we all watched.

And I felt like the little belle of the ball!

In fact, before writing this post, I watched the video of everyone watching it (haha)!. And I really loved it. It was so cute. People got soooooo excited over something that was basically 3 years – which I thought was so cute and funny.

And for the rest of the day, eeeeeveryone was talking to me about it. So adorable.

I just really, really love work.

And in the future, for me, anytime something looks bleak, or whatever… I want to remember the difference between when I was running around to different Avids, trying to find anywhere I could work where I’d mildly fit in to now – when I’m an editor and getting along with everyone splendidly.

My job is beautiful.

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