’70s Day! (And Our 200th Episode!)

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Larry Wilmore and Aurora De Lucia on '70s dayWith March Madness this year, there was a bracket we aired with various dares for Larry, based on which team won.

The dare he ended up doing was hosting the entire show as his alter ego, Soul Daddy.

I got an email as I was leaving work the night before, saying the whole staff was invited to dress up, if we wanted to. The email came kind of late. But it’s New York!

I quickly looked for a costume place that was still open and found one in lower Manhattan, and into an uber I hopped!

I went down and found this ’70s dress (pictured). I also picked up an afro (but it did noooot look good once I put it on).

On the plastic covering of the bag the dress came in, was a picture with these tall white leather boots. I asked if they had anything like that, and they said no.

They didn’t know of any costume stores remotely close by that were still open (and neither did the internet), but they did point me to a sex shop(!) down the street that they thought would have boots… and indeed they did.

Aurora De Lucia and Mike Yard with champagneMy calves are kind of big (in case you didn’t notice) and boots often rarely fit me. (Often rarely? Do those antonyms make sense together? I probably could’ve just said rarely, huh?… Aaaaanyway…)

The point is, I’m not usually great at wearing boots. And these were no different. You can kind of see these are reeeeeally hugging my legs.

But I was into it. I walked around the office all day without falling (even if I did have some fat spilling out of the top – oof!).

And as if it wasn’t enough for me to know my legs were a lil’ too fat by the tightness of my boots… I still had the Free Ben & Jerry’s that they brought by the office (#TotallyFatForLifeApparently #ButSeriouslyILoveThatVeganIceCream).

While we’re talking about food, I’ll also mention here that for lunch, they brought in food from my favorite vegan place! (It was preeetty much a magical day.)

After the show, to celebrate the 200th episode (which it was – that happened to coincide with ’70s days), we had all the cupcakes we could handle! And I had my first sip of champagne ever!

Larry gave this wonderful speech about how much he appreciated all of us and wanted to do this show over and over for as long as he could.

I. love. my. job.

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