(#36) Open Mic at iO West (March 28, 2016)

Monday, April 18th, 2016

This is Josh Gondelman. I did my little “love letter” to him. (source: Never Not Notes)

#36 of my 52 performances in 52 weeks.

This open mic specifically stated that you could do anything at all with your time onstage – in fact, they encouraged things other than straight comedy.

I wasn’t super in the mood to tell jokes. So I got onstage and just did a love letter to Josh Gondelman.

It was weird, but why not just be weird?

There was one person in the front row who looooooved Josh Gondelman. And not a single other person in the audience knew who he was. (This was shortly before he started to get more national exposure.)

It was also fun because Josh Gondelman became a running joke throughout the night. So, he stuck! At least one person remembered him, because he tweeted us both! (So, I feel like I’m doing some good in the world spreading the word about this dude.)

Josh Gondelman is one of the nicest human beings on the planet. I’m so serious. Read his twitter, or listen to an interview. He is the best. (And he has the nicest speaking voice.)

Also, I feel like it’s potentially possible that this is starting to sound a little weird. But these are all things I’ve told him in text messages. So, I feel like that maybe makes it less weird that he’s heard all this… or maybe more. Who knows!

Anyway, he does “pep talks” on twitter, where he just tells people nice things about themselves. He tells really funny jokes.

I met him after a show of his in Los Angeles (actually as I was about on my way out), then I  reached out through twitter once I got the word I was off to NY, and then we had breakfast out here. And now I’m watching his career take off before my very eyes, and it makes me oh so happy!

(He literally tried to help the barista get a TV job. That is how thoughtful he is.) He is the best, and one of the hardest people I’ve ever met. (Just check out his website (with all his appearances and jazz)!)

I did do a thing where I said, “I don’t know how to really express how great his jokes are… If there were karaoke for comedians, I would tell the DJ to put on my Gondelman, ’cause he’s my jam, and this would be the song I love to sing…” And then I talked about his bit about ghosting.

I wasn’t sure what the line was on that, ’cause it seemed a little joke steal-y, but I said it was his like 100 times. Someone later called it the cutest joke stealing they’ve ever seen.

So, Josh, if it was steal-y, I’m sorry, bud.

But world, if you haven’t heard it…. it makes me laugh SO hard! His album, Physical Whisper, is one million percent worth the $10. I highly recommend it (as I said in my open mic)!

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