Aurora laughing while wearing big glasses at Broad Strokes Table ReadMy oh my. There were a lot of totally different things all in one show. So, let’s just get to ’em.

When I came to California for hiatus, I told my friend Cozi (mentioned many times in this blog) that I needed to get my performing on. And I knew that if anybody knew the scene and what was going on… he would.

And he told me about this really fun show called “Broad Strokes” where you write a scene from a show you’ve never seen, and then the audience tells you how close you get.

There were some really funny ones. For instance, there was a fantastic Big Bang Theory sketch. There also was one from the Bachelor. (I didn’t even think about the fact that you could do one from a reality TV show! That kinda seems like a gold mine!)

I did mine from Lost.

Full disclosure/confession here: I’m pretty sure I actually have seen a few episodes of Lost on kind of in the background at a friend’s place. But I wasn’t a big fan and I don’t really remember any actual details. So, I thought it was kind of fair game. But I dunno.

For the first time in the history of the show, two of us chose the same show. There was a “Lost Showdown” and I felt bad ’cause they said I was the winner. But the rational was that I came from so far away. And I thought, “That’s not a reason I should have this crown.”

Oh well.

There also was a table read. And I got complimented on my maniacal laugh, which was fun (and we got to wear silly glasses, and have a great time).

There also was a silly game show segment where you answered questions about people you didn’t know. It was fun, and I won that too. Ba-bam!

And then there was a little jam. So, I did a lot of various performing that night (and some performing of some writing I’d done as well). So, it was pretty grand.

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