My Amazing, “Spring Break” LA Trip!

April 22, 2016

Aurora De Lucia very excited at the dentistDuring my Christmastime trip, a bunch of plans kept getting changed, a bunch of people were out of town, and a bunch of fun things weren’t happening (nothing was really in production etc.).

Granted, some other super fun things were happening, and I did theme parks galore. It was a good trip and all, but I wondered if trips from there on out would be a little struggly – if I couldn’t really “go home again”… if people wouldn’t be around., if it wouldn’t feel the same, etc.

Well, this trip proved any of those notions totally fault.

I felt more at home than ever. I felt even home plus! ‘Cause not only did I see my friends I usually see (and love to see), I also performed even more than normal (and at some new theaters or in some new shows), and I met some new friends, and got stronger connections with some people who’d been kind of acquaintances-ish before. I even had a meeting at a studio lot for the first time!

I think one thing that made this trip so much more successful than the December one was that I had some time to plan things before I got here.

For the most part, I didn’t wait to hear from people to plan everything. I mean, I waited to some extent and tried to squeeze people in as best as I could. And then, for people who didn’t know their schedules, I just worked to plan around anything I’d already decided on (instead of moving stuff around all the time). (I have no idea if that paragraph made sense, but that all worked for me…)

I packed this trip so full! I’m so happy with how people I got to see/stuff I got to do!

I also did some little errands that make sense to do while home now – like seeing the dentist (my super favorite dentist I love and adore – shout out to Dr. Dorfman’s office!). Side note on that: The woman who’s worked the front desk for a very long time was leaving! I’m so glad I was there in her final week to give her a hug. She’s great.

And lastly, the only other thing I didn’t really cover in my upcoming posts about the trip is that someone I view as basically my sister got married! It was magical to be at her reception. She is gorgeous and her new husband seems to love her very much. He made a joke to her saying, “Do you realize how many people have told me tonight I’m not good enough for you? …Of course, I know they’re all correct, but I’m just gonna try.”

Anyway, I didn’t give that it’s whole post ’cause I don’t want to drag her personal day into my blog. But it was really beautiful. I was honored to be a part of it. And now I have some great pictures with the people I totally consider my family (that are toooooootally going in my new collage frames on my wall soon)!

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