Another Simpsons Table Read?! (March 31, 2016)

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

Aurora with her script at the Simpsons table readMy third one! Am I one of the luckiest girls, or what?

I always love The Simpsons table read, and this time was no exception.

All the cool table-read-y stuff is the same as it was last time. But this time – oh this time – I got my script signed by two different Simpsons people I adore!

Before the table read, I saw some people going up to Matt Groening, asking him to sign stuff.

And I thought, “Well, if they can, I guess I can too!” I told him how much I adored the show (as I’ve told him before, but I’m sure everybody tells him all the time. And he’s done literally more than my entire lifetime worth’s of work for us, so the least I can do is tell him twice how much I appreciate it.

I’m not even positive if I told him how much I adored Lisa before he drew her on my script… I can hardly even believe I have a Matt Groening drawing on a Simpsons script I have! What is my life, right?

After the read, I noticed Yeardley was sticking around inside. I obviously really love and adore her work. And I try not to be too fan-girly at these things. (I like to respect actors… and I like to be invited back!)

But I thought, “Well, you know, I’ll just kind of very slowly leave the room and maybe, just maybe if I bump into her, we can be best friends… or, you know, whatever.

Alex and Aurora in the garage at the Simpsons Table ReadThere was a person in the room who had a marathon shirt on! Well, if I’m hoping to stay in the room a little longer without looking like the most awkward person on the planet, making a new friend with a runner sounds like a great idea to me!

So, I start chatting this person and his girlfriend up. And wouldn’t you know it? They were Yeardley’s friends! Whaaaa? Here I am just talking to them about marathons and New York (’cause randomly they lived there too). And Yeardley came up and started talking to them. And then I was in the little circle!

But then obviously they were kind of having their thing, so I thought maybe I should leave the circle, so as soon as there was a lull, I jumped in to give a parting thought to them and said, “Well, as I said, let me know if you want tickets to The Nightly Show!” Then Yeardley brought my into the circle convo!

Soon enough, the conversation kind of ended and the marathon people walked out in front of me. As I was walking out, I turned around to Yeardley and thanked her for such a gorgeous portrayal of such a lovely, layered, sweet, fabulous 8-year-old.

I told her I didn’t want to seem too crazy but that I’d played saxophone ’cause of Lisa and joined Mensa ’cause of Lisa, and I’m a vegetarian too! And instead of thinking I was crazy, she seemed to think I was very sweet. She seemed to really take my compliments to heart and enjoy them. And then she asked if I wanted her to sign my script!

I said, “Yes! Of course! I just felt weird about asking since you were at work!”

So, she signed my script. She then said she would love a picture, but since she was in a brace (from an accident she’d had), she’d love to get one next time. So, sorry I don’t have that. (And I hope she’s feeling better!) But yay for my gorgeous, lovely script that I will cherish for always!

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