I Love Nickelodeon (And I Love Twitter!) (March 29, 2016)

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

Aurora De Lucia with spongebob at Nickelodeon filteredI’ve been talking with some people in the creative world at Nickelodeon on twitter… because, well, it’s twitter. And it’s awesome. And it brings people together. And also, these people at Nickelodeon are awesome.

So, when I came out for my big week-long adventure in LA, I got a meeting with some high-ups in talent and development there.

I’ve never had one of those “generals” before – where you’re not pushing a specific project, you’re just coming in so people can meet you, and get a feel for you, and maybe like you (or not – but hopefully like you). I’ve heard a lot about these magical meetings, and now, finally, I got one!

It was kind of funny because I didn’t realize one person I knew from twitter would there (though I should’ve known). I already had dinner schedule with him. And we had a good time meeting each other in real life a bit earlier than expected.

A group of us took some fun pictures that I loved (that got tweeted to me later, which I also loved, of course).

Aaaanyway, most importantly, to this general – I left feeling possibly better about myself than I knew I could. If this is what a general is, sign me up for one everyday!

Basically, by the end, she was deeming me bicoastal, and saying she had no doubt I was gonna get my media empire!

At the end, I got all this sweet swag. And I took my Spongebob picture that I felt pretty cool about because you had to get in the gate to have access to that statue… So, you know… I feel special! One of these days, I’m gonna hit every studio in CA! *dances a happy/excited dance*

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