Some Random Fun LA Friendship Encounters

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Aurora and Noah Weisberg with their crazy pancakesIn addition to a whole bunch of performing (numbers 36 – 44 in my project), and a theme park (which we’ll get too tomorrow) and some super cool LA TV business – business (The Simpsons and Nickelodeon posts from the past two days)… there were also all these fun friendship things I did!

For one thing, I went back to the griddle. One of my amazing friends had taken me there the last time I was here, and now I’m a little obsessed with the sugary goodness of their insane pancakes.

We hadn’t talked in, I think, literally something like almost 6 years. We’d met in New York when I interned in a Broadway Producer’s office.

I don’t know how we found each other again. But we did. And we had such a fantastic lunch. I know such charming lovely people!

I also got Native Foods with my friend Meredith. She is the queen of making time for people and connecting people. It was fantastic to catch up with her.

On another day, I went hiking with a composer friend of mine (whom, of course, Meredith introduced me to). I think we were trying to hike to the wisdom tree, but wherever it is we were going, we got totally lost. And we ended up just walking around some reservoir – which was also totally fun!

One of the reasons it was so fantastic to see him was because, since he is a composer, he was wildly interested in the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop. So, I loved being able to talk aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall about it in excruciating detail ro someone who was dying to hear it all – and to someone who’d worked so much as a composer that he had real insight and wonderful things to give back to me.

Goodness, where was he in the workshop? I’d do anything to have him as a partner! (I think. I guess who knows, really, as a hike and a song are two totally different things.

But the point is, it was a fantastic, super lovely hike!

I saw some more friends (many through those performances I mentioned, and also some just with video games, or last-minute, or what have you). These were the ones in my plan book, and they were awesome. And I figured I’d mention ’em here!

Now, onto, actually, yet another friend I saw – when we went to Knott’s Berry Farm!

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