Knott’s Berry Farm… Boysenberry Festival! (Sunday, April 3, 2016)

April 26, 2016

Aurora eating cotton candy at Knotts filteredI didn’t even know this was a thing until my friend Jason took me.

I don’t think I uuuuuuusually would want to brag about going to one of these super American kind of eat-way-way-too-much fair type things.

But, I was there. And I had fun. And I’m just gonna talk about it and be super American and for some strange reason take pride in the fact that I ate forty trillion calories.

(Side note: This does fall in the same time period as an ultramarathon within driving distance that I loved. I said if I ever came back, I wanted to come on a day where I’d felt I’d made room for all the calories. So, if I do another race with them sometime, this might be a nice way to cap it off!)

So what kind of food did they have? Well, basically, if you think of anything – it can be boysenberryed, and it was.

Aurora De Lucia happily laughing at some foodOne of the guys at the old-timey bar told us to mix the boysenberry punch with sprite… and he was right! It was delicious.

Obviously, as you can see above, I’m enjoying the cotton candy. Do you know what other craziness they had?

There was a “Fun Bun” which was a cinnamon roll… deep friend (oh yes, that’s right) in funnel cake goodness, served with Boysenberry Cream Cheese topping. There was boysenberry ketchup, and barbecue sauce, and basically just boysenberry everything (as I guess I’ve already said here)!

We rode some rides. (We mainly did riding first, eating next… but we did mix ’em up a little.) This was the first time I rode any of the bigger scarier rides at Knott’s… I didn’t realize there’s a Six Flags-ish feel to some of the stuff going on there!

Basically, it was fun, and we roooooooolled ourselves out of the park. I mean, we could hardly breathe or walk. I kind of felt almost like I never wanted to eat again. #America

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