(#47) (#48) & (#49) The Pit Study Hall (April 26, 2016)

April 28, 2016

More of the 52 performances in 52 weeks…

The last Pit Study Hall ever!

I didn’t know when I showed up, but I was there for something special. Another jam started on another stage in The Pit family around the same time, so they were phasing out this one!

Basically, you put your name down and got to be in some two-person scenes.

One thing I liked was that the whole point was really to better yourself. You stated before you started what you wanted to work on.

In my first scene (#47), my partner fell in love with me… We’d already kind of set up that he annoyed me… Uuuuuusually, in almost every improv scene I’ve ever been in, I would drop annoyed and choose to fall in love as well – I’m always falling in love. (Generally, I’m always trying to match my partner.)

BUT, you can super help out your partner by playing your emotion even harder. He just kept amping up the into me while I kept amping up the disgust. I don’t know if I’ve turned into a negative New Yorker who can easily play disgust, or just a better actress who’s better at improv.

In my next scene, based on the suggestion and first line (from the other person), I played a Donald Trump supporter!

…I am acting my butt off!!!

The final scene was with a bunch of people, and when I couldn’t find an in for myself, someone brought me onstage and labeled me a babysitter. I thought that was really nice and really looking out for me.

It was a good night with good people.

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