(#50) UCB 101 Class 1

April 30, 2016

I hardly know what I’m counting or not counting anymore. I didn’t count most of my Groundlings classes, but I’m counting this…

UCB out here is crazy like… I don’t know what the word is, but just put-together, almost sterile – so super organized. I feel like I’m in a hospital – but an even cleaner version of a hospital. It feels like an office building, not a theater.

To me, that’s neither bad, nor good, just totally different.

As far as how the class went, I felt pretty good about. Then again, I’ve taken so much improv. I better feel like I can pay attention and do pretty well in class 1 of a 101 level, right?

One thing that was fun was that we did these monologues either about a huge pet peeve we have, or something we love to an obsessive level. And I talked about how I looooooooved my job. And my teacher thought that was hilarious – that no one ever opens with “I love my job.”

We also did these two-line scenes where we have to try to basically say who we are or our relationship with information. Someone opened with saying they felt like they could just murder people with their scalpel sometime. And I said, “That’s why I’m here to serve you with a subpoena.” And that got a laugh.

So, it was good. It was cool.

[Side note: Ultimately, I decided to drop the class ’cause I just thought there were too many things I was going to want to do on Friday nights (such as be out of state)… I don’t know if that was smart or not. But oh well. It was fun for day 1!]

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