It Still Kind Of Feels Like Summer Stock

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Kind of piggy-backing on yesterday’s post…

I know I’ve kind of talked at length about New York. And living there – or not – or kind of living there… Or who even knows what the heck I’m doing at this point…

But one thing that makes it super kind of seem like I barely live there is the fact that I live so so so close to work…

It almost feels like I’m in some kind of corporate housing. And that I’m a girl who works for The Nightly Show, who happens to live in New York, as opposed to a girl who lives in New York who happens to work for The Nightly Show.

My life has kind of revolved around that show somewhat. And sometimes I feel like I could be almost anywhere in the country and it would feel practically the same.

And that’s weird.

It just doesn’t stop feeling like vacation… Even when I try to volunteer for things or do New York sightseeing stuff… I still feel like it’s vacation.

Granted, people have made the joke before that “your life is a vacation,” so maybe my whole life is a vacation. (I mean, of course not really…) But… I dunno. I dunno what will make it feel real, if anything will…

Maybe if I get an apartment in NY that I love as much as my LA apartment. (Although obviously ha, good luck on that one… though, if it happened in LA, it could conceivably happen in NY, as anything is possible!)

Anyway, I dunno. At this point, I’m rambling. So, I’m gonna stop. But yeah. Even with decorating my place… I am trying different things, and that’s been one of them… and it still feels a little like vacation.

I dunno. I got nothing…?

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