I Am One Of The Luckiest People In The World

May 4, 2016

(May the 4th Be With You Day At Work)
(May the 4th Be With You Day At Work)

I have been on an incredible roller-coaster since moving to New York.

I mean, really. I still can’t totally wrap my head around everything that’s happened since September. It has been such a whirlwind.

I’ve been on top of the world. I’ve also been under tremendous amounts of stress and pressure and decision-making, etc.

It ripped my heart out that I failed at BMI (for now), and I’ve spent too many nights crying on the floor.

But as I stand here today in my office(!), in my fun Star Wars attire, looking outside my window at New York City(!), thinking about how I’m probably going to go see Jesse Tyler Ferguson(!) in a play tonight, because I can walk to Times Square from where I live/work(!)… I think, “This is a beautiful, gorgeous, spectacular life I have dreamed of, for a very long time. And while I may still be stinging from a few missteps or personal failures… I don’t want to lose the beauty – the gorgeous, fabulous, brilliant, lovely beauty of what’s right in front of my face.

I’m an editor in the Jon Stewart family in New York City. It is necessary to enjoy, if not every moment of this, at least a freaking ton of the moments!

*Contented sigh* It’s beautiful here.

8 thoughts on “I Am One Of The Luckiest People In The World”

    1. Haha, thanks Kevin! I would say the vast majority of the time, I’m very happy. There’s just slightly more struggle than I expected in the land of sunshine and rainbows 😛 Thanks for the comment, and for continuing to read! 🙂

          1. Anonymous, please stop. If I actually did anything to accidentally threaten you, please let me know, as I would be very sorry. Otherwise, please stop leaving vague comments on my blog. Thank you.

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