Let’s Make a Deal Zonk Redemption Episode – Part 3 (Getting Confirmed For The Show)

May 8, 2016

Picking up from last time

I did end up getting my confirmation that I was indeed invited to the Zonk Redemption episode!

Tamara (the one who’d interviewed me in the first place) called me with the information on times and everything.

She advised me that they love to have zonk-themed costumes. She said it’s not a requirement. (Though really, if they prefer it, shouldn’t I take it as one? I did.)

I said I was thinking about being a runner who’d lost a bunch of weight. She said that was a nice idea, but to make sure that the top half was colorful – maybe add a headband or fun pieces, since that’s mainly how I’d be seen on TV, and color is good.

While we were on the phone, told her that in case I didn’t get a chance to thank her later, I wanted to say thanks for putting me on the show since she was the one who interviewed me.

She was so sweet and kind! She said, “I did nothing. It was all you. You got yourself on with your adorable personality.” Talk about adorable! That’s what she is.

After we got off the phone, it was costume mode. I couldn’t use the kidney costume again because I’d found out that unfortunately, even though I was oh so sure the kidney thing was going to work out, it did not.

So, I did indeed go back to the runner idea. (Those were the only two options that I thought were both strong and fit me.)

After talking the idea out with a few people, it turned into a “zonkstacle course” runner instead of an obstacle course runner. Yes! We have something in my wheelhouse. We have something that can be colorful. And we’re incorporating zonks.

I ordered a headband and shirt. I even made a huge medal, where the centerpiece was Wayne Brady being beamed up from the spaceships from my zonk, and I was pulling him back to Earth (as my obstacle).

In the week and a half (or so) that followed, I got an email, a call, and a text. from various people at Let’s Make a Deal reminding me/confirming me for the show. They really wanted us there! The said multiple times if we couldn’t go, it’s fine because there were people on wait lists. But they just wanted to make sure if we said we were actually going that we were indeed going.

Oh, I’ll be there.

(This is very different from if you get normal tickets, when they overbook and don’t say anything if you don’t show.)

The night before/morning of the show, I prepped!

And this is where we’ll pick up next time.

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