Let’s Make a Deal Zonk Redemption Episode – Part 5 (Waiting For The Interview)

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Picking up from last time –

It’s interesting being a line with all these people who love game shows and do the whole game show thing. Almost every person I met also had her or his Price is Right story as well. (So, I’m not nearly as cool as I thought by being on both!)

The most interesting story I heard was from a man who went to The Price is Right once a year for 20 years(!) before he got on. Whoa. That’s dedication. (And he never got out of contestants’ row! Ouch.)

People were very excitable in line. I was pretty excitable, but I also continued to study. I looked up airport codes and exchange rates. (That stuff comes up in games sometimes. And we might as well use this time to the best of our ability.)

On the information we’d gotten about the day, it said we should bring stuff to entertain ourselves – that we’d be waiting longer than usual because of the special nature of this taping. So, I anticipated that I’d be in that little air conditioned room forever.

No. I was actually just waiting in line forever.

I don’t know what happened with the interviews, but they stopped. We stayed in the same spot for what felt like forever (but I think literally was at least 45 minutes).

I was prepared with a short 10 second spiel about my zonkstacle course outfit. (I had a little more to add if I thought there was going to be time.)

Once we got up there, it was SO fast though! Not fast as in the fast of my previous interviews, where it’s a question and you’re done. Fast as in it basically felt like I blinked my eyes and was done.

Whatever had happened that stopped the interviews had slowed things down. So, when we got up there, we had to say as quickly as we could what we wore last time. And the only question we were asked was how we felt when we got zonked!

Agh! I haven’t practiced this question with a stopwatch. I don’t have a succinct, nice, cute answer. But at least I had a few people in front of me so I could sort of, kind of think about it.

What do you even say to that? Being zonked feels crummy! I’m a big loser. Of course everyone is supposed to say they were grateful just to be able to play. But then if we’re all saying the same canned answer, how boring is that? (And why do they even want to hear about it?)

I thought about saying, “I prefer not to focus on the past, but instead think about what is possible today.” But I thought that might feel as though I’m avoiding her question.

Well, I better say something, because now, it’s my turn. This is where I’ll pick up next time.

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