Let’s Make a Deal Zonk Redemption Episode – Part 7 (The Taping)

May 12, 2016

Picking up from last time –

During the waiting section, I’ll admit, I was slightly overwhelmed. Once of the guys who went on to be a contestant on the show walked up to me and said he had to check me for zonks. Then he ran his little zonk think over my like a metal detector, said he found one, and gave me a piece of candy.

It was sort of cute. It was cute that these people had such energy. And I know I’m usually an energetic one. I guess I just didn’t realize until I was in a room full of me(s), how overwhelming I can be. (How do you hang out with me?)

Once everyone was inside, they gave speeches a little quicker than usual as they said, “you’ve heard this all before.”

The people giving speeches asked us not to cheer because they had to go so quickly. Yet, people kept cheering at any normal cheer lines. Sometimes the speakers would smile (or even dance a little), but they’d follow that up with, “but really, we have to move on.”

And it just kept happening! And then I wondered, “Is this some secret test? By being quiet and following your directions, am I actually doing the wrong thing? What’s happening here?”

Eventually, we got inside and got seated. I was way in the back row and figured there’d be no chance I’d get picked. However, one guy came from our row. And it seemed to me a number of people not in the front were getting picked.

The guy who sat next to me was obviously an avid Let’s Make a Deal watcher because he was very in tune with how deals usually go. It was funny to sit next to him, ’cause he was vocalizing everything I was thinking. And then even though we were being kind of smart and able to predict a lot of things, something about it felt like we were the killjoys back there, like “yeah, yeah, yeah. We know what happens next.”

I mean, that wasn’t our attitude, but it still felt weird when my desire to do that was mixed with someone else’s. It felt amplified or different in some way.

As you all know, I didn’t get picked. And this is where we’ll pick up tomorrow.

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