Let’s Make a Deal Zonk Redemption Episode – Part 9 (Was it Worth It?)

Saturday, May 14th, 2016

I know technically this story ended yesterday,

I wanted to address one more question – was it worth it?

I said in the beginning that it was a huge ordeal to take time off of work. And they made it quite clear I will never work at that theater again.

So, whether it was worth it, I don’t know… I have this really stubborn part of me, and I think that a sort of big reason as to why I fought to have the day off was that they didn’t even want to hear me out. I knew that ultimately they’d give me the day off since it was easier to get a sub than a replacement. So, I think more than anything, I wanted to feel heard.

As much as I really wanted to go to Let’s Make a Deal, there’s a part of me that thinks had my bosses been a bit understanding and at least said something like, “Well, let’s see if we can figure this out,” I would’ve been much more open to listening to their concerns, and possibly eventually saying, “Okay, it’s just a game show possibility and this is my job. So I won’t go…”

But when I walk into, “I’m not allowing you to go,” well then I start getting defensive.

That’s not really right of me. (It’s kind of ridiculous and stubborn-sounding when I read it.) It’s just what happened.

Also, I’ve seen multiple times on Let’s Make a Deal people getting to play and saying, “I quit my job for this since my boss wouldn’t let me go!” (My guess is there must’ve been other things people didn’t like about the job, or else they probably would not quit to go to a normal LMAD taping… But still.) I thought, “Well, maybe I’ll be one of those people.”

Also, in my first game, after I lost the trip, I specifically tried to pick the zonk so I could come back! Once I got invited back, I had to see how it was gonna play out, right?!

The other thing was that I couldn’t totally picture working at that theater again anyway. The commute is so long. I was hardly making any money. (In fact, I would’ve made more staying home on unemployment than using trains and busses and such to get to a low-paying job.) I was doing it for the love of theater (but getting a little poor in the process).

Never say never. Maybe for a show on a higher-tier contract, or maybe for a show where I got to have a creative job instead of an admin one, sure. I might’ve gone back had they invited me. But this wasn’t a place I envisioned working in anytime in the near future.

I hate cutting off possibilities, or burning bridges – especially in the entertainment industry. But I’ve also learned that everybody gets mad at everybody else at one time or another. After time passes or bosses change, you never know what could possibly be mended.

Had I not gone, I would’ve always wondered what would’ve happened – not to mention, the girl who got to play for the big deal played a game that had to do with Charlotte’s Web! I would’ve totally convinced myself that I would’ve played that had I been there (’cause that’s the show I was working on). And since I got to be there, I don’t have to live with that doubt.

So, was it worth it? I know it sounds like I’m saying yes. But ultimately, I probably shouldn’t have gone. Theater is my love in life (even more so than game shows if you can imagine). And I was working at a great theater with a great reputation. And it really sucks that I put myself in a position not to be hired there again. (Whoops for stubborn ol’ me.) Hindsight’s always 20/20 though! If I’d won $20,000, I might be singing a different tune!

It kinda sucks stuff timing worked out the way it did. But look, we’re all still alive. The show still happened. Everything is fine.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Make a Deal Zonk Redemption Episode – Part 9 (Was it Worth It?)

  1. Ray

    You did the right thing. You followed your heart. Them telling you, you can’t go. Sounds more like ownership not employment.
    Regardless of what path I take new opportunities always open up. More so on the unknown paths.
    Let me give you just one of my examples.
    I’m in downtown LA ubering, waiting for a requested ride. I get a request for Valencia, Nagic Mountain country. So I drive 48 minutes to get there. I’m now at this guys door. 5 minutes later he cancels. So I start heading back to LA. Before I getvtobyhevfreewsy. I get a local request. Sure why not right. So I drive the location. He gets in and says take me to Marina Del Rey please.
    Sure why not. So I made good money. Most drivers would NEVER have done this. It was something new, something different. Besides I wanted to see what would happen. I think the universe was watching and is reactive.
    Who am I. My name is Ray and I was your Uber driver one night in downtown LA.

    1. Aurora De Lucia Post author

      Haha, nice to hear from you, Ray! And what a story you have!

      I don’t know if it was right or not. I mean, I should’ve been responsible too my show… But ultimately, at least I don’t have wonders/regrets…


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