(#51) (#52) (#53) The Pit Base Improv Jam

May 15, 2016

We did it! 52 performances… I guess. Depending on how you count them… Anyway…

I went back to The Pit. I gotta say, I think this has the potential to be on of my favorite places in New York! People there are pretty nice and pretty open to meeting people (which is not something I aaaalways find in New York).

As far as how the scenes went… in the first one, I initiated based off the suggestion! I almost never initiate, but I was happy I took the leap.

In the last one, we had these little blackout scenes. And we got on this run of fruit stuff… And someone said he texted his girlfriend in Vegas and he made a joke about “can’t elope” (blackout). Then I let a scene play, and then I jumped up as a crying girlfriend receiving a text. I set it up so everyone knew what was coming and the whole audience said “what did it say?!” And as I went to say it, the blackout happened, and it got a huge laugh! (Or, at least, it felt huge. Maybe my brain amplified it. But I felt good!)

And I thought that was a really fun thing to end on. So, there you have it! 52 performances in 52 weeks! Ba-bam!

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