52 Performances In 52 Weeks Complete… (Conclusion/Thoughts)

Monday, May 16th, 2016

Aurora looking disappointed in poetryWelp, I kinda hate admitting failure or defeat, or whatever it is I have to admit here…

But this wasn’t necessarily what I’d envisioned or hoped for.

I feel like with both of my other projects, I gained a lot from them – whether it be good habits, or learning new things, etc.

With this one… I feel like there was sooome stuff to be gained (and I will get to that). But I also think there were things that would’ve made more sense/potentially been a better use of my time.

Let’s start on the pretty good note.

Some good:
– I got to meet a bunch of cool and interesting people at various imrov jams and coffee shops and such.
– I had moments of pushing my creativity a little. I wrote a poem (at the pictured performance). I wrote a sketch. I wrote those songs for BMI. (Granted, that would’ve totally happened without this project, as that was just part of my life…)
– I think I ultimately got a little better at thinking on my feet with improv and such.
– I had a good excuse to spend time with my friends when it came to karaoke, or even some improv stuff.- I found a nice place to have fun and meet new people in New York – that I can walk to, and that has late stuff that doesn’t interfere with my work.

Some not-as-good stuff:
I think my biggest issue is that nothing really changed.

I sorta kinda ish made a habit to do more performing, but I was so all over the place, taking a big break in the middle (when my life changed like crazy) and fitting a bunch of stuff in, in the last few months, that a habit wasn’t totally born…

Also, nothing I did really seemed to get me anywhere. I don’t super see any of it going on my reel (though I guess perhaps clips of the Flapper’s performances, perhaps)… But there’s nothing documented to show off. There aren’t even many great pictures. It doesn’t seem to have a ton of lasting value outside of the night each thing happened…

Also, I just think ultimately, there were better uses of my time to accomplish the same thing.

I think there was a way to be creative and perform more in a way that might actually help more in trying to truly move forward in a more creative life – maybe goals as far as how many pages I write, or things I submit to… Or goals in how many auditions I go to… Or things of that nature.

…Or, I think there probably were ways to do this exact project in a more interesting and better manner.

I also thought blogging about these things you couldn’t see wasn’t awesome…

Basically, I think there were better ideas, better constraints, and better executions.

And I’d really like to figure out a different/better project to work on creativity. If you have any ideas, please drop ’em in the comments!

I'd love to hear from you! So whaddya say?