How I Got My Second Job In Television – Part 2

May 22, 2016

Picking up from last time –

Anyway, toward the end of the season, I brought in copies of my resume to hand out to anyone on the CBS lot who would take them. Since I had access to the lot, I might as well use it!

I looked in every nook and cranny to find all the offices on the lot during my lunch breaks. Some people were very welcoming. Some were not taking resumes (but no one was mean about it – though there were some places where I could preeeeetty much tell they were gonna throw my resume in the garbage as soon as they could).

Then, wandering down a hallway, I happened upon a show that was in pre-production that hadn’t completely staffed yet. Yee-haw!

It was Skating With The Stars. (It only lasted one season.) I met a really nice guy who took my resume.

I ended up not getting a call to work with them until a little over a month after AGT was over.

I think they called me practically right after I’d decided to move back to New York. Everything could’ve been changed still. I could’ve changed my plane tickets and extended my sublet. But they only hired me to be extra help for a day. And they didn’t make it sound like they were going to need all that much help.

I really wanted to get out of LA. So, I didn’t push back my plane ticket, to take my chances that a day might turn into anything else. Of course, in the end, it would’ve (as I was invited back for future days… Wah wah. Sometimes the timing just isn’t right… (Or is it? I had a very nice time in New York!)

Do you remember that a friend called me right after I’d been booked on AGT, asking me if I wanted him to get me a job? I called that same friend when Skating with the Stars was asking for extra help (and when I was moving to NY). Now I got to be the one asking him if he wanted a job! He worked with them for numerous weeks.

I guess saying my 2nd job in television was a one day gig sounds a little wimpy. So, let’s talk about the next job-job next time.

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