My Next Job Tangentially In Entertainment – Part 2 (It Was Bumpy)

May 26, 2016

Picking up from last time –

What I’d learned was that my position had just been created. Apparently, they were just trying it out. (I kinda wish someone would’ve told me that before I’d signed my year-long lease…)

I guess both executives used to share one assistant. Then the thought was that they each should have one. But once they each got one, they realized there was very little for me to do.

I try to be a pretty proactive person. I looked for things to do. When I couldn’t find any on my own, I asked my boss, asked the other assistant, then asked other random people in the office if anyone needed help with anything. Every time I asked, everyone said no.

I’d ask for little projects, and I did get to do some small things (such as clean up the supply room). But apparently there were only so many little projects. When I specifically asked for projects or things to do to help, no one could think of anything.

On my first PA job, I learned the importance of being able to quietly not work. I know that sounds weird and counter-intuitive (and I may have even mentioned it before). But sometimes there just isn’t anything left to do.

If you’ve made it known you are there to work, happy to work, and looking for work… yet no one has anything for you; be quiet and keep your head down. People love go-getters and helpful people. But they also don’t like being pestered every 5 minutes when they have nothing for you.

So, I took that lesson and sat at my desk. I looked around for options of what I’d do with my weekends and evenings in Los Angeles. I looked into classes and even military reserve programs. (I wasn’t eligible for any of them, as not enough time had passed since open-heart surgery (and I didn’t meet the weight requirements [*embarrassing*]).)

Speaking of health stuff, this is the only job after my open-heart surgery in which I had another tiny heart scare. I’d read that Wolff-Parkinson-White can come back in rare cases (but I think some people contest that). And I thought I was maybe feeling some flutters here and there.

I think I was a bit too sensitive to my heart. Since I’d lived for so long not knowing I’d had a problem, maybe now my mind was going a little overboard. So, when I thought I was maybe feeling flutters, I had it checked out. A cardiologist did think something looked very slightly off. Just to be safe, I wore one of those 24 hour monitors.

Obviously everything was fine. And if anything at all was going on, I think I was maybe just internalizing some stress about wondering if I’d made the right decision moving back to LA.

But, I wore that heart monitor to work. It wasn’t a huge deal, but you could tell I was wearing it through my clothes. My boss seemed a little taken aback by that. People there didn’t make a humongous deal about it. But I got enough side looks and little comments that I got the feeling they didn’t want someone who may have an issue.

(Not long after, I was let go. Obviously I think that was because there was no work. I’m not yelling discrimination here. I just don’t think my heart monitor helped anything.)

And part of that is my fault, as I was pretty sure it was nothing. So maybe I shouldn’t have had it checked out, or maybe I should’ve said I didn’t want to wear the monitor. Or maybe I should’ve fought to wear it on a Saturday instead. But with the incredibly bad luck I’d had with heart stuff, I just thought it was better to be ultra-safe.

Oh well. Moving on… This is where we’ll pick up next time.

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