Getting Back In The Saddle – My Next Job (A Night Transcriber) – Part 2 (I’m Leaving!)

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Picking up from last time –

I thought everything was fine… until my boss found out I was doing staying late. She got so angry with me. She yelled at me, saying that a transcriber who’d been there for a year would be next in line if a transcriber got to move up. Who did I think I was, coming in there, trying to cut in line?

I wasn’t asking for a promotion. I wasn’t even asking to be lauded. I was trying to quietly learn and work after hours when practically everyone was gone. And I abhorred the way she basically told me to get in my place. Sure, she’s my boss. But you can talk to me like I’m a human being.

(Also, if someone’s working her butt off, why would want to stop her?)

Seeing that there was no future there (or at least believing that), and believing I should be at least treated with a base level of respect (and seeing I wasn’t going to get that either), I quit.

The day she tore me apart for trying to learn; I finished my shift, filled out my timecard, wrote a resignation (effective immediately) to her boss, and left.

This was possibly slightly um, conceited-ish of me I suppose, or slightly short-sighted. (Okay, it was definitely short-sighted without another job lined up. Who cares about the future when I need to pay bills now?)

But hearing that a bunch of other normal-seeming good employees had some similar-ish stories, and hearing that she later got fired, all makes me feel like I wasn’t wildly out of line… I dunno.

Also, it really helped that I had a second job to fall back on (which I’ll get to next time). That made my impulsive decision so much easier…

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