A Through-Line Job

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

Picking up from last time –

I forgot to mention that both while I was working the executive assistant job, and while I was working the transcriber job, I had another part time job as a transcriber (on nights, or days, or weekends – basically, whenever I wasn’t working whatever my other job was).

(I’m pretty sure it was another job I’d found online, and I was stoked to be able to find a second job so soon after getting here – even if it took over an hour to get there on public transportation.)

This was for a show called Majors & Minors. (I don’t have to be quite so vague about this one 😉 since I have nothing but the most wonderful things to say about my time there!)

This job was spectacular. The place was really flexible with schedules. They were sooooo nice to me. One of the first things that happened when you’re hired there is they say, “What’s your favorite snack?” Boom. Reece’s were in the communal kitchen the next day!

(I have since gone on to work for the man who hired me many more times. He is awesome.)

This job was pretty helpful in the whole staying afloat thing. It took a few week hiatus around the time I quit the other job. Thankfully, because this one only stopped because it ended – there was no firing or quitting or any of that – I got to get some unemployment money to help with things as I looked for my next job.

Side note: Filing in California for the first time was an incredible headache – incredible. I could probably give whole blog posts to that. Having to file over the phone instead of internet because I’d worked in another state in the last 15 months – but then never being able to get on the phone line that wouldn’t even allow you to stay on hold longer than 10 minutes (it’d hang up on you)… So then having to call the Vietnamese line since not as many people were calling that (and trying to make your way through the automated Vietnamese system – that wasn’t using the same number scheme/questions as the American one). Not having a physical building you could just go to, since the phone was infuriating. Big wait times with written correspondence… It’s the one thing most California freelancers used to be able to bond over – the headache of unemployment – though I will begrudgingly admit it’s getting better-ish now.)

So, I worked on that show on and off (every time they had work available).

Also, I’m looking in my calendar to try to give me a sense of time and help to make sure I get dates of things as accurately as I can, and I see that I started a Groundlings class the week after I dramatically quit that one transcribing job. Looking at it in calendar form, it just makes me think, “Uh, Aurora. Stop your income stream and then sign up for an expensive class? What are you doing, sweetheart?” But I guess I just figured I should grab the opportunity while I had the time!

And we’ll pick up with my next job next time.

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