Museum Of Natural History (April 17, 2016)

Sunday, June 5th, 2016

aurora smiling in front of a dinosaur at the AMNH filteredOkay, we’ve missed some stuff as I’ve been giving myself a bit of a break… So, let me try to catch up on some April/May/June adventures.

In April, I went to the Museum of Natural History for the first time!

I am using my New York ID, baby! When I went to get it, I said I was gonna do all the free stuff… and I am working to do that!

The Museum of Natural History is basically every thing you’ve been led to believe it is by movies and such.

The blue whale they talked about in Up Here (the musical), the exhibits from Night at the Museum – everything you think the Natural History museum looks like, is exactly what it looks like.

There was this awesome hallway where you saw the whole history of the world with the time matching steps… So, the steps between us and the dinosaurs were negligible in the scheme of things… It’s kinda hard to explain, I suppose, but it was cool.

Speaking of dinosaurs, there were a bunch.

It was a lovely, large museum. And instead of rambling for toooo long about it now, I can’t wait to tell you all about the Night at the Museum sleepover later in June! (Now that I’m a member – thanks to my free NY ID, I got a discount on the price! Ba-bam!)

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