Hiking the Secret Stairs & Seeing Dinosaurs at the LA Zoo (May 14 & 15, 2016)

June 12, 2016

Aurora De Lucia sitting atop the secret stairsI took a little trip to LA for a weekend, ’cause I felt like getting away…

(Then again, I suppose, when do I not get away for the weekend? :-P)

I took a little trip to the secret stairs in Silverlake. They’re not very secret at all, in that there’s a book about them, an app, and who knows what else.

I found the app very helpful! It says out loud turn-by-turn directions (with helpful little asides and facts!). As I’ve proven time and time again, I’m not great at maps. So, the app was quite enjoyable.

The stairs were pretty. There were some fun places for pictures. (There are still multiple staircases I need to climb in Silverlake and in Pasadena – there’s so much to do in LA!)

Aurora with her leg up at the dinosaur exhibit at the LA zoo
(Trying to look scared, but looking kinda flirty with the dinosaurs)

Also on this weekend, I went to the zoo. (For some reason, I bought a membership during my trip back during the holidays, and it’s nice that I’m getting use out of it!)

The dinosaur exhibit was pretty fun! One even squirted water on you!

And that basically covers the weekend.

I threw in a birthday party, and saw a couple of friends.

It was a grand lil’ whirlwind trip!

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