“The Met” (in Seattle) & The 5 Point Cafe (May 27th Weekend)

June 14, 2016

Aurora standing under the Aurora street sign
(We found my street sign!)


Welp, we got another two-week hiatus from work. There are some friends I’ve been trying to see in Seattle for a long time, and just never made the trip up there… Well, I’ve made a trip up there multiple times. But it was before any of them were living there. So, I haven’t re-made the trip… Until now!

I figured since I was already going all the way out west, why not go north first?

I landed on a Friday night, and one of my lovely friends came to pick me up from the airport.

He told me one of his favorite things to do in Seattle was go to “The Met.” I learned that’s the name of a Steakhouse. It’s called The Metropolitan, but a bunch of people call it the met – like our Met… only, it’s a steakhouse, not an art museum, which I found endearing, lovely, and funny.

He was very sweet because he looked at the menu before we went. “I gotta make sure there’s something vegetarian for you.” Awwww!

I would’ve just eaten a side, or whatever. But he was lookin’ out – which I greatly appreciated!

Turns out, there was a delicious vegetarian option with vegetables and mushrooms.

After The Met, we went to sleep. He has a dope apartment. There was a lovely view, and it was within walking distance of The Space Needle! I mean, come on. How could you better do Seattle?

The other restaurant he took me to – so as to show me all the coolest Seattle haunts – was The 5-Point Cafe. It’s open 24-hours and is supposed to be basically a little dive bar place.

They had amazing breakfast! I tried vegetarian bacon for the first time, and it was awesome!

Also, just in general, I had a great time whenever I was just hanging out at this guy’s apartment in between adventures. It’s really nice to have super nice people in your life. Yay!

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