The Pacific Science Center!

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016
Aurora holding a rope at the Pacific Science Center

Lifting 500 pounds with the power of science 🙂

Okay, now that we’ve taken a break to talk about how much I adore my job… Let’s get back to the whole Seattle trip! 🙂

While in Seattle, I totally got the City Pass – and was determined to do everything on it during my weekend. It was hard, but doable.

1st stop – Pacific Science Center.

This was a pretty super interactive museum. There was a place before the Wellness Studio (which delved even more into your body) where you could play with things that tested your eyesight (I scored better than 20/20 – what’s up?), your flexibility, your hand/eye coordination (with both hands separately), and all that jazz.

Then, once in the wellness studio, they had exhibits on everything about you! Your breath, your sleep, your aging, and on and on. It was all covered in there. they had games (such as having this big fake cafeteria, where you could take up different play foods and add up calorie counts and such.

They had a machine that showed you how you aged normally versus how you aged if you smoked, or got too much sun, or were obese.

They basically had all kinds of cool stuff. They had an exhibit with dinosaurs. They had a big outdoor courtyard. They had a thing about the environment.

It’s a worthwhile place to visit. I heard differing stuff about if the laser show was cool/worth it. So, being that I was short on time and that it was basically like any laser thing you’ve seen, I left to go to the zoo! …But if you’ve seen the laser show and wanna tell me about it, write it up in the comments! xo

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