The Seattle Zoo and Aquarium! (May 28, 2016)

June 18, 2016

Aurora at the Seattle zoo with a peacockContinuing on with my great time using my Seattle City Pass –

I took a lap around the Seattle Zoo!

The main thing that I noticed that set the Seattle Zoo apart from other zoos for me was that it was very super chill and Northwestern-y.

Sometimes I walk into zoos and they’re really colorful and almost cartoony, like I’m in a little animal theme park.

But the Seattle zoo was just calm and chill.

They also, as far as I could tell, seemed to have a lot of educational stuff up and around, which I thought was helpful and interesting.

And a fun side note: I saw my first Komodo Dragon there.

And this peacock started wandering around out in the open. I got this picture taken, and one of my friends gave me my favorite little monologue about it.

He said what he found way funny about this photo is that peacocks are pretty much the showiest animal. And there I am, sticking my body out in all weird ways… while the showiest animal is chiiiiiling out with feathers down and everything. And even the peacock is like, “Aurora, is that enough, or what?” I am out-peacock-ing the peacock is what my friend said. And that made me laugh.

Aurora under the dome at the Seattle aquarium
(a blurry photo of me under the dome in the aquarium)

It was a nice, big, enjoyable zoo. And there wasn’t tooooo much time to stick around and really delve into it, because I had to get to the aquarium!

As far as the aquarium was concerned, this one was fun because they seemed to try to use to their advantage the fact that they were on water already. They had lots to say about marine life – and the differences between marine life up there and in other places.

You got to walk out on a dock to get to other parts of the aquarium. They had a big dome of water you could go in, and they had a little jellyfish arch you could walk under as well.

They had stations set up – with real people – to help you learn things. It was again, kind of a chill Northwest feel. And before you knew it, I was off again to EPM!

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