Seattle Argosy Boat Tour (May 29, 2016)

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

view-of-the-space-needle-from-the-argosy-boat-tour-seattleYes, I know. I’m still totally catching up on the blog. Eek! I’m trying here…

Aaaaaanyway –

When I was in Seattle, I got the City Pass, and I saved the boat tour for last because I knew I had really limited time. And it seemed like the “least fun” thing on the list. “Oh, come on, just sitting in a boat… What’s that?”

But maybe I shouldn’t be so judgey about potential experiences, because the boat was actually really cool.

It’s a nice thing to do on a rainy day (which this day ended up being, as I understand many days in Seattle are). The tour guide was so knowledgeable! I feel like this is actually a great thing to do at the beginning of a Seattle trip, instead of the end, so you get an idea of all this other stuff you can do…

(I didn’t know about the famous hotel where the Beatles stayed… Maybe you all did, though, and I was just living under a rock. Who knows… Also, there was some kind of something about some throne where you could sit and it would tell people if they were getting married… or something like that. I’m sorry. I accidentally lost my notes, and have forgotten the details. But if somehow from that vague description you know what I’m talking about, please post it in the comments! xoxo)

Also, randomly, while we’re here (talking about Seattle, but not on the boat), can I also just say that if you’re looking for a fun cute dive/diner place, that 5 Point cafe is super dope. They have amazing vegetarian “bacon.” Yay!

One more Seattle post tomorrow, and then we’ll move on to San Diego!

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