Pike’s Place/Fish Market/And The First Starbucks!

June 23, 2016

tyler-and-auroraWell, it’s hardly a trip to Seattle without visiting what’s potentially the most tourist-y of all the tourist-y places (except maybe the Space Needle).

When two of my friends from high school wanted to meet up at Pike’s Place, I was oh so down for that.

We saw people throwing a fish. I got a delicious vegetarian ruben sandwich. And it was just so so so so so so so nice to be with people I love.

(Do you remember the dude I gush over sometimes – whose bandana I wear when I run marathons)? That’s him!

It was just brilliant.

sheeva-and-auroraI learned about the “gum wall” at Pike’s Place Market… I didn’t know about that before.

And then, he had to go back to work, but I got to then go to the first Starbucks with another lovely friend. I ordered some crazy concoction we made up on the spot with the Barista.

I just said I wanted something super sweet and listed all the different flavors I liked. And bam. I had a delicious, sweet, special, one-of-a-kind Starbucks drink (which was very fitting for going to the first Starbucks).

Unfortunately, before you knew it, I had to go to the airport. Alas. But it was such a fun jam-packed long weekend to Seattle! I’m sure I will be back at some point. (They have some races I love, and I still have to do a full marathon out there!)

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