Meeting Jason Ritter! (May 31, 2016) – Part 2 (Yay!)

June 29, 2016

From my snapchat story that dayWhile I was back in town for the first of many summer breaks this summer, I saw (thanks, Twitter!) that Jason Ritter was in a play called The City of Conversation at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.

It was an interesting show, and he was great in it!

And the Wallis was a gorgeous humongous theater (that I had no idea even existed), even though fairly easily accessible from my LA apartment. So, that was a fun little surprise.

Before the show, I totally tweeted I was going.

I’m always awkward on twitter (’cause I’m awkward in real life sometimes too… and in texting… I can just be awkward. But hopefully delightfully so, right? For the love of everything, please love me haha *her voice breaks in her laughter ;)*).

Anyway, I figured he probably didn’t see my awkward tweets, being that he’s all famous and all… and if he did, I was hoping they came off charming and fun, and definitely not weird and creepy…

After the show, I stuck around in the little areas where cast members came out… you know, just in case he’d wanna talk and totally be friends.

And sure enough, he came out, saw me, and said, “Aurora?”

Oh my goodness, he did see my tweets!

“Yes,” I said semi-sheepishly and semi-excited (if you can imagine those together)… He was so sweet. He gave me a big hug. He was super kind to me. I told him I really hoped my tweets came across as super charming and not super lame. And he built me up, “Oh yes, super charming!”

We talked about the show, and he thanked me for coming, which I thought was very sweet. (Not just like a “thanks for coming” but like a real mini-speech of “Hey, I know it’s a long show with a lot of serious moments and everything. Very nice of you to come to it, etc.” And it’s like, “Hey, dude, it’s my pleasure!” I’d watch him in a show even if it were 7 hours long (which this one was definitely not).

We then talked about my work and he said he loved the Nightly Show! He knew about it – running segments we have, changed in panel and everything. I was all, “If you wanna come on the show, I’m sure they’d love to have you!” And we laughed when he was all, “I’ll just tweet you about it.”

We also talked about this run he did (that I heard about through twitter) that I donated to – and he thanked me for that.

And there’s more? There’s even more? Well, geez. I’ll pick up here tomorrow!

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