Meeting Jason Ritter! (May 31, 2016) – Part 3 (He’s So Charming We Needed One More Post)

June 30, 2016

Aurora meeting Jason Ritter 1Picking up from last time –

I also got to talk to some of his other cast mates. We talked about names and meaning behind names (and people seemed to love mine, which I thought was very sweet – granted, I love mine too!).

He didn’t know what his meant. Later, I found out (according to the internet) that Jason means healer. I sent him a thank you card later for being so super sweet and nice to me, and in him I told him that and thought it was apt as I’m sure he’s helping heal so many people across the country with his fantastic work – whether he’s making people laugh or cry…

Barf? Was that a totally lame thing to say? A cool thing to say? I dunno. I mean it in a cool, nice way. So, hopefully it was a cool thing to say!

Aaaaaanyway, once the delightful, fabulous conversation was winding down, it was time to get our picture taken.

And I was like, “Oh, should we ask someone, or should we take a selfie?”

We looked around for someone to ask, but the few people who were left around standing looked pretty deep in conversation. And he was like, “I’ve got good selfie arms. I can take it.”

Jason Ritter liked my tweet!And he was right! Some people are not great at the selfie (especially the group selfie – I am, for shiz, not good with that one at all).

But he was great. And it was funny. We looked at the first one and we’re both like, “hmmm, I dunno.” “I look crazy.” “I look tired and drunk for some reason!” “Okay, we’re taking another one.”

And then we took two. And we liked both of those. (I mean, my face looks a little fat… but maybe I just have a bit of a fat face for now…)

Then I went home (super happy), and I tweeted out that Jason Ritter was ridiculously charming (any my new best friend?)… And then he liked my tweet! (Solidifying our best friendship for years to come. ;))

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