Beluga Whale Interaction At Sea World San Diego (June 2, 2016) – Part 2 ()

July 3, 2016

Aurora holding onto the tail of a whalePicking up from last time –

We get to touch the beautiful whale! She comes up to us and gets a petting. She feels basically like a hard-boiled egg.

We get to see her do various tricks for us (such as moving her fins in certain ways and speaking), and then we get to feed her little fish as rewards!

I threw the fish in, slightly nervous to get too close to her mouth – because her mouth is biiiig! (I mean, of course it’s big. She’s a freaking whale!)

And, while looking inside her mouth, it appears as though she has eighty-million teeth.

Aurora surprised by the whale
(I’m unsure what the whale did to surprise me so much here. :-P)

(Okay, eighty-million may be an exaggeration. But she has a lot, is the point.)

She gave us kisses, and everybody seemed to have a great time!

(At least, I hope that adorable whale had a great time. I don’t really know what to think about Sea World and sea life. I know some people get so mad about it and say the animals are tortured.

But all the animals I encountered seemed pretty happy. (Of course, what do I know? I’m not an animal expert by any means. I know practically nothing about animals. So, maybe I can’t read their happiness levels.))

Aurora in a wetsuit outside her areaAfter we sadly said goodbye to our new friends, back to the showers we went.

The shower set-ups were nice and super-private (as everyone had their own room). I’m only drawing attention to that because things will change once we get to the dolphins.)

(Oh, and in case you’re wondering what you did with your stuff – you had a locker within your little shower room where you could lock up all your belongings, and then wear the key necklace in the pool.)

I didn’t have time to take an awesome shower in the cool shower place, because I had to quickly change, grab everything I had, and skidattle on down to the Sea World Behind-the-Scenes tour!

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