Sea World Behind-The-Scenes Tour (And Shamu Show) (June 2, 2016)

July 4, 2016

Aurora De Lucia looking down at jellyfish smilingI ran over to this tour from the whale tour, and barely made it just in time! It was just me and one other guy. So, it was nice to have a small tour.

We got to learn a little about Sea World. And we basically went to two areas (if I remember correctly – so many adventures, I’m starting to lose track… which is the silliest, most entitled problem to have.)

Aaaaanyway, We went to this little behind-the-scenes place where we saw these cool archerfish, which blow water darts at food to get it to fall from a branch. It was pretty cool to watch.

And then we got to see and touch some jellyfish!

As we went along, we got to learn a bit about sea life and Sea World.

It seemed like Sea World was really doing a lot for marine life. (And yes, I do realize I’m hearing this at Sea World. So, you know, there may be some bias or something.) But they were talking about all the various animals they saved (a bunch of them!).

And I thought that was nice to hear.

We also got to walk by the little animal care/hospital area. There was a window marked radiology. Animal care is as intense as human care, it seems!

Aurora leaning by the jellyfish tankWe walked by the dolphins, but didn’t get to hang out with them. And that pretty much sums up the tour! It was lovely, informative, and led by a great guide. She even gave out a little pack of animal cards (cards with animals on them) so we could remember what we saw/learned about that day.

Then, she suggested I go see the Shamu show (which I did). I guess this is the last year it’s happening. So, I had to get on it. It was pretty amazing indeed. And just when I thought, “Wow, that was a bunch of cool tricks,” a HUGE whale jumped out of the water.

DANG! That was the coolest trick!

Side note: Did you know Shamu is the last name of the whales? They all have different first names. But they are in the “Shamu” family. That was an interesting fact I learned on a tour.

After the Shamu show, I went and got ready to swim with the dolphins!

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