Dolphin Interaction At Sea World San Diego (June 2, 2016)

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

Aurora with open smile holding dolphins finThis starts differently from the whale experience in a few ways. For one thing, the groups are bigger.

I think in the dolphin interaction, you can have up to 12 people total (so 6 in each broken up group).

(Whereas, in the whale, there were 8 people – so, up to 4 in each group…)

Also, in the whale one, you had these sweet big shower rooms all to yourself. With the dolphins, you were changing in a locker room around everyone else.

These aren’t big deals, just differences.

Aurora giving the dolphin a kiss

(They told me to kiss the dolphin. Let’s hope the dolphin was cool with that. :-P)

Then we go get in the big dolphin pool (where all of the public can totally see us – just as they could with the whales too).

One group does the cool swimming trick stuff in the deeper end of the pool, while one group gets to experience the other tricks.

I was in the group that got to do swimming last, which I liked – ending on the coolest thing.

The first tricks were basically getting to pet the (smooth) dolphin, get a high-five, hear a sound, and get a kiss.

And then we went swimming!

Aurora with big wide open mouth while swimming with dolphinI was a little worried about the dolphin having to carry us around, but they seemed to be fine…I hope.

Basically, we got to hold on to the dolphin’s top fin, and it swam us to the other end of the pool.

I could feel the dolphin’s back fin basically kicking me underneath the water (just a little – and just as a way to help it swim – I don’t *think* because it was mad at me).

It was a really cool experience to be swam around by a dolphin. The distance isn’t far, but you feel it. And it’s super cool.

Then we all got out of the water and went back to the locker rooms. Not everybody took a shower, but I did.

(Again, I think there were only 3 showers. And there seemed to be more women than men doing the experience. So, the locker room was crowded… If you want to shower after this one, you may end up waiting for a hot second.)

Aurora giving a big smile while holding her dolphin friendAfter that, you could look at pictures and buy them. So, keep in mind that after you already pay for this expensive dolphin thing, it’s another $90 to buy a CD of your photos – same with the whale… And no, they won’t combine the photo CDs, even if you do them in the same day. Wah wah.

Oh well. I think the day was lovely and worth it, and I really hope the poor whales and dolphins aren’t tortured. I think I believe in the rescuing work Sea World is doing? But again, I saw it from their perspective. So, I should probably put a little more work into my understanding of what’s going on there…

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  1. Ray

    I’m glad to see your enjoying your self. In June 2016, I went to see Elvis in Graceland. I waited so long, but Elvis was a no show. Oh well i still had fun with the family.


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