The Ultimate Safari at San Diego Zoo Safari Park – Part 4 (Okapi)

July 11, 2016

Aurora smiling petting the rhinos hornPicking up from last time

After feeding and petting the rhinos and feeding the giraffes… (You’re not supposed to pet them – but one totally did breathe a really big breath on me and I thought, “Dang! Your noses are strong!”)

Anyway, we went along the rest of the safari (with our awesome driver Ward – I don’t think I mentioned) and saw some more animals hanging out, lounging around.

I saw a little baby rhino, which was cool.

I mean, conceivably, we could’ve potentially spent the whole Ultimate Safari just roaming around these different lands.

If I remember correctly, we went through an Asia and Africa area. But I think there was even more. One thing I think exists somewhere out there that we didn’t get to see was ostriches. So, I guess the point is there’s always something to go back for. (And I gotta go back!)

When we left the safari, we went through two different gates (as we did any time we entered or left an animal area). It felt very Jurassic Park-y. In fact, I even learned Steven Spielberg got some of his inspiration for Jurassic Park from Safari Park! Isn’t that cool and crazy?

Aurora feeding the OkapiAfter the safari, we went and hung with the Okapi!

The poor little Okapi I saw had bandaged up legs…

I learned that since it had gotten hurt on one of its front legs, it had to have them both bandaged up because apparently it felt too uneven with only one – scratching it, hobbling, all that jazz. But if they bandaged both (one basically just for show) the animal seemed better and acted happier.

I think because she was hurt, she was a little shy at first. But she came around and I got to feed her too!

I learned that Okapis have this grease or something all along their coat that comes off on your hand if you pet them. (Your hand will be that same dark color they are.) They’re very interesting animals. And I had a great time there with Cindie the zookeeper.

After that, I got to hang out at the animal care center. And this is where I’ll pick up next time!


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