The Ultimate Safari at San Diego Zoo Safari Park – Part 5 (Tigers and Snakes and Sheep, Oh My!)

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Aurora touching the snake who's getting a closeupPicking up from last time –

After the animal care center, I headed to lunch, and Victoria ate with me!

I thought it was a pretty cute exchange we had in the vehicle of me asking something about “we” at lunch. And she was all, “Oh, am I eating with you?” And I said, “Oh! I hoped so. But you don’t have to.” And she was like, “I’d love to! I just didn’t know if I was invited.”

And it was basically two people tripping all over each other with politeness of how much we wanted to hang out, but didn’t know if the other person wanted to hang out. And I thought that was so funny.

We had a table reserved for us. (They are so VIP here.) Not only did they give me my wonderful salad, they also gave me this humongous cupcake for my birthday!

Victoria and I had a lovely lunch together, and then off we went to… I forget what it was called! The initials were WW. I think it stood for Wildlife something. But it was a private little area where animals were brought out and presented to me and I got to learn about them.

My favorite part was being buddies with a snake because I love reptiles. Snakes and whales are my favorite animals – reptiles and marine life, baby!

Tiger in a cageAfter that backstage area, we got to go see some tigers!

Now, we didn’t get to actually touch the tigers, ’cause you know… they’re tigers.

But I got to see them up pretty close – and see their whole area… a big board about how all the different training was going for each tiger. And I got to see all their food in the refrigerator.

I met some of the tiger trainers – who were all cool and nice. (Really, everyone I met at Safari Park was so cool and nice.)

Lastly, we rushed to Big Horned Sheep to feed them through a fence. We didn’t super have time for that, but Victoria awesomely went a bit over my allotted time to make sure she got everything on the schedule in.

After that, she brought me over to the zipline safari (which I had already scheduled). We got there just in time.

She was so sweet, because she let me go ahead and she said she’d take care of my bags – which then were waiting for me in my tent when it was time for the Roar ‘n’ Snore later that night.

Since we didn’t get to officially really say goodbye, she even left a goodbye note in my bag! She was the best. And I had the best time.

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