Zipline Safari at San Diego Safari Park (June 3, 2016)

July 13, 2016

bridge to ziplining[This is obviously a backpost. Sorry. I’m not actually positive how I’m every going to catch up. But I am gonna try.]


This was my first time ziplining, and when I’d read about the best places to do it, I heard Safari Park was the way to go.

You start out by getting weighed. (Eep!) Then you watch a video of rules and guidelines and such…

If you have any bags, you put them in a big black suitcase thing that they transport for you (because you never go back to where you started).

Advice: Wear clothes with a zippable pocket for your phone. I kept it with me to take pictures, but they wouldn’t let you hold anything in your hands while ziplining – lest you drop it for an animal to potentially get hurt. I stuck my phone in my bra, but was slightly afraid it was going to fall out… (Spoiler alert: It didn’t.)

(I'm trying to give some kind of face in this selfie in the back of the caravan... But I don't know what that face is :-P)
(I’m trying to give some kind of face in this selfie in the back of the caravan… But I don’t know what that face is :-P)

The first zipline you go to (the practice one) is pretty short and close to the ground. So it feels like you’re going super fast. (Physics? Weird.) The second one you go on is very long and way high above the safari. They told us we’re going way faster on that one. But it *feels* quiet and serene and slow.

It is gorgeous to zipline there.

Just another heads up: They take pictures as you ease in to the end of your ride… So, you know, try to be cute. I didn’t notice the camera ’til it was too late and my face is a little weird. So, just… be cute while taking in your moment, haha.

And that’s it! Boom. Before you know it, the tour is over and you’re on your way to whatever you’re up to next… For me, that was the Roar ‘n’ Snore – which we’ll talk about tomorrow!

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