Getting On The Emmy Ballot

July 15, 2016

(I took two selfies with my membership thing and couldn't decide which one was cuter. So, thankfully we are talking about this for two days so I can use them both haha)
(I took two selfies with my membership thing and couldn’t decide which one was cuter. So, thankfully we are talking about this for two days so I can use them both haha)

[Yep. Still catching up. Don’t mind me. Thanks so much!]

I didn’t really know the ins and outs of how the Emmy nomination process worked until I got to be a tiny part of it.

I’d heard that actors (or studios/agents/etc.) (and others) had to submit themselves. You can’t just trust people will see your work. You have to say, “Look at it!”

And this year, I got to do the submitting process for editing.

Basically, when the window opens up to apply, I had to submit a bunch of stuff – the video of the credits from the episode so they can see I’m actually credited, the video itself I’m submitting… And there’s some paperwork involved stating what you’re submitting, date it aired, time, channel, all that jazz.

And you even have to pay a couple hundred dollars just to be considered. Or, if you’re a member of the television academy you get one entry for free… So, I joined this year. I was only eligible for junior membership for the time being – which is still enough to get a free entry. Ba-bam!

I don’t know if people are always part of this, but for me, there was a whole back-and-forth process of them checking things. They may reached out to me with various questions.

For instance, first, you get the confirmation that everything is received and that it’s time to double check it. So, I did. And everything looked fine. The deadline passed. But then apparently there’s this second secret deadline… Because as long as I was in by the first deadline (which I was), then when they go through with a fine tooth comb, if they find something that’s not right, you have a whole ‘nother deadline to finish.

They deemed the first thing I submitted not eligible… I mainly edited the clips/montages that played in during the first act.. Or everyone once in a while I edited act 3 to time…. Even if we had an exceptionally montage/clip heavy first act, or if we had a tough act 3 with a lot of cuts in it – didn’t matter. Those were deemed not eligible. Field pieces only was what they decided.

I’d only touched one field piece in my time there (which thankfully aired before the deadline). So, since that was the only thing I even could submit, I didn’t have to worry, “Did I submit the right thing?”

Somewhere along the lines, they even double check the credits somewhere. (I don’t know where… I only know this because they called me to tell me they thought I was listed as an assistant editor (meaning I wouldn’t be eligible).

Since I had just become an editor, their info (wherever they got it) hadn’t been updated… I told them I’d recently been promoted and that the credits on Hulu (and everywhere else they could find the show) read that I was an editor. And then they double-checked and everything was fine.

But the point is, even getting that phone call showed me they did their due diligence.

And then the final ballot comes out and you start to think to yourself, “Oh my gosh. How many segments is The Daily Show submitting?” or “Oh crap! I’m up against Sam Bee? Of course they submitted. How could they not? Daaaaang it, that’s a fantastic new show.” “Beyonce’s music video?! Why is she even in my category?” Or, you know… whatever it is you think…

And then you wait.

And that brings us to yesterday.

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