LEGOLAND VIP EXPERIENCE!!! (June 6, 2016) (Part 1 – The Overview)

July 24, 2016

Aurora playing with lego makingsSince you probably can’t hear me when you’re reading – just know, I said that title SO excitedly –  Le.Go.Land. V.I.P. Expeeeeeeerience, baby!

Oh, goodness gracious. This was awesome.

Every single thing about this was so awesome.

I had gone to Legoland for a very short amount of time when I was being ridiculous with my Los Angeles Go Card.

And when I was looking to have a really full, fun San Diego vacation, I looked into going back to Legoland (which, obviously, I did).

But this time, I did it VIP style!

When I called, I asked if it was totally weird for an adult to get the VIP experience. And thankfully, they told me it was totally not weird – that many adults have done the VIP experience without children, and often seemed to have even more fun than families with kids. (Although, I’m sure families with kids have amazing times as well.)

When you book the VIP experience, you get to choose from various cool choices… (I chose everything they’d give me haha.) And we will tooootally get to those, of course. But first, let me do an overview of all the other cool stuff you get.

You get unlimited free food all day!

I found these chocolate chip cookies I love, and my tour guide let me get 5(!). (I know I probably shouldn’t have had that much sugar.) But I didn’t eat them all there – I took them home and ate them throughout the week…

Anyway, the point is, if you say, “I’m kinda hungry. Would you mind if we grabbed some pizza?” The answer is yes. You can grab any food at any time, and it’s kind of awesome. (Super, totally awesome.)

You also get to go straight to the front of every line! AND after you ride a ride, if you liked it, you can say, “Could I go again, please?” And sure enough, you get to. You don’t even have to get on the ride. You just stay on an extra time.

Aaaaaaaand you get all the photos from every ride you rode that day! (What?!)

If you love to eat and ride rides, and if you love to have photos from those rides, this VIP experience can super quickly become a really incredible deal – very worth the money.

Not only was my tour guide sweet and kind (and so freaking accommodating – the whole day was about me – eating where and when I wanted, going to the bathroom when I felt like it, ramping up or chilling out – just whatever I wanted to do all day, that’s what we did… Granted, I guess that’s what I was paying for. Still)…

Anyway, she was also so knowledgeable! She made it so we saw the entire park in one day without ever feeling stressed or rushed!

This was a fantastic day.

And I’ll talk more about it tomorrow.

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