Legoland VIP Experience!!! (Part 2 – Wake Up The Fish & Reptile Fun)

July 25, 2016

legos in the aquarium tankDid you know Legoland has a Sea Life Aquarium?

I don’t know how or why it was decided that a theme park and an aquarium go together, but it was…. And it was awesome.

There are legos in the displays. (They look beautiful, and they use special glue, so they stay part of the exhibits and don’t end up breaking off and hurting any animals.)

When you choose the “Wake Up The Fish” experience as one of your special choices, you get to go in the aquarium an hour before it even opens, and see it all by yourself.

The aquarium is nice because it’s educational. There are facts all around – not just about the animals, but also on how to do environmentally friendly stuff.

It’s a beautiful (not huge) aquarium. So, it’s easy to make it through in the hour (or maybe even less, depending on how much you like to stop and look).

Aurora petting a reptileAfter the tour around the aquarium, I got to hang in the reptile room (another available choice of the cool options)!

You get to learn about and pet some reptiles (and even see some of your new friends run around the floor when they’re taken out). I love reptiles. So, this was super fun for me.

Before you knew it, it was time to go over to the theme park itself (which had some amazingly ridiculously cool extra options. And I can’t wait to tell you about them tomorrow!).

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