Legoland VIP Experience!!! (Part 3 – A Building Class!)

July 26, 2016

Aurora building her Lego personYou can build yourself as a Lego person!

So, I did(!).

First, you get to take a little tour through the office of the builders. They have big projects they’re working on, and I got to see their workstations – and the special computer program they use to plan pieces for Legoland.

Also, the whole place is so beautifully organized.

There are shelves and shelves of pieces organized by colors and types.

And then, I got to work with the person who, I think, is going to become the first female Master Builder at Legoland LA – which is so exciting.

She taught me how to do a minilander from the ground up. There were so many options! Not only could you wear a dress, you could position the parts so that it looked like there was movement and you were walking in your dress.

You can mix and match colors. I loved that Legos could even look like long curly pigtails.

I spent kinda of a long time there, but when I asked if I was spending an inordinate amount of time, she reassured me that everyone is different and some people totally take a long time. (After all, you’ve gotta get your mini-lander right!)

Aurora and her builder mentor(Side note: During this time, Mackenzie (my guide) took all my goodies from my time at the factory (which I can’t wait to tell you about tomorrow) and put them in a safe storage place.

How wonderful and sweet and convenient is it to have such a guide who thinks ahead and is so helpful? It was awesome to get souvenirs throughout the day, and have them magically disappear and reappear at the end of the day!)

As you work on your little minilander, you’re in kind of a fishbowl, so people walk by and look in at you. It’s fun to wave, but then it makes me feel slightly weird when the people look a little bummed like, “How do I get in there?!” But hopefully no one was actually bummed. And maybe they all went and got VIP experiences – so they’re happy, Legoland’s happy, and so am I.

It was a super fun day (and I still have my little minilander)!

And tomorrow, I’ll talk all about the factory tour! (Eeeeeeee!)

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