I Got To Go To The DNC Afterparty!?

Friday, July 29th, 2016

Last night, Hillary Clinton made history and accepted her nomination for becoming the democratic candidate for President of the United States.

I have been waiting for this moment for so long. (Granted, not as long as her, of course.) But my goodness, I have been dreaming of this for years.

The Daily Show is live from Philadelphia this week, but alas, we’re still taping out of New York. Thankfully, Thursday was a good show with a quick edit and I got out early. I thought, “Philly’s only 2 hours away! I need to be in the city where it’s going down. I want to feel that energy!”

So, I got on the bus down there. On the way, I watched the live feed of the National Democratic Convention. Once I got there, Hillary’s speech was happening. So, I jumped in a cab and asked the person to please take me to the Wells Fargo Center!

I didn’t know how close I could get, or what would happen. But I just wanted to try to be around there.

The perimeter of the place was HUGE. We couldn’t get anywhere close to the place. So, I tweeted how far away I was and asked if anyone had any parties to go to.

Lo and behold, someone tweeted me! They asked if I wanted a ticket to the DNC afterparty to see Snoop Dogg. Of course I said yes! (I think I actually said something more along the lines of “is this real?”)

It was real.

I met up with him and grabbed the ticket, then off I went! I mingled with some cool journalists, then stood in the front row for a Snoop Dog concert!

He was great. He did his hits and he did some throwback songs from Biggie and Tupac. He dedicated “Stand By Me” to the former First Lady whom we wanted to be the Boss Lady.

It was lovely. I had an amazing time.

I stayed ’til the place was shutting down. I kind of wanted to stay even later and go get cheesesteaks with people. But alas, there was a bus leaving at 3:50am. And I had to work the next day (and run a marathon on Sunday). I felt I had a lovely, wonderful, full, fantastic night. So I left.

Even the bus back was fun. I sat across the aisle from someone who’d been to the convention!

The energy was great. I twas a truly magical night… Now I just gotta figure out how to make something happen around her inauguration. 😉

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