It’s Weird To Have Your Job Loss Be National News

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

Almost as soon as the news broke, I started getting messages from people.

Someone in New York merely sent me a heart and I asked why I got a heart, asking if he saw me outside crying – haha! But alas, no. He’d read in the trades somewhere that the show was no more.

I had only just found out myself minutes before. I hadn’t even had a chance to check twitter yet before I started getting messages! (So, it must’ve been pretty fast.)

It’s nice to be able to tell I really was working on a show people were at least somewhat paying attention to – that I was indeed part of a national conversation.

I’ve had jobs start and end many times, but have never really experienced this news getting around thing like this.

(I mean, there was some news with the Shahs of Sunset picket line and pushback and all of that. But why are we even talking about some reality show here? Let’s not. Moving on…)

Anyway, everyone was messaging me – from people I haven’t talked to in a long time, to close friends.

[Edited to add: It almost became as though I didn’t think I had to tell anyone, because so many people were texting/tweeting/etc. I assumed news had gotten around. So, when I’d make a comment to a friend about being unemployed, or having a rough week, and they’d be surprised, I’d think, “Oh right. I can’t expect all of my friends to hear about my life just from the news!” …People were literally still calling me on Friday after the final taping saying, “I just heard!” It was really quite sweet, and it’s been interesting, and really quite lovely, to get messages all week.]


Another thing that’s been super nice is that for the most part, I’ve never interacted with any fans of other shows I worked on. But on this one, I started seeing so many people on twitter truly incredibly bummed that we were leaving. And that totally warmed my heart.

Of course there were some haters. (And I engaged sometimes, even though I know that’s not smart…) But overall, there was all this love and affection. And there were so many kind comments – over and over people saying they felt they had a voice, or thanking us for bringing up important conversations. There were people who said they laughed and learned – laughed and learned! That is *literally* what I said I wanted to do, when I was talking about the great, wonderful, perfect television I wanted to make.

I am the luckiest for having gotten to work here.

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