It’s Coming To A Close…

August 17, 2016

Control room wall
(I don’t know if you can see, but my name is under one of the monitors – they have our names up under the monitors of our Avids!)

[Note: This is a post that was meant for Wednesday… but I was busy doing my job haha. Sorry!]

It’s all so surreal.

I’ve been taking stuff home every night. My office is slowly but surely getting more and more empty – which is weird.

My office feels more like my home than my apartment.

People don’t know what to do with themselves when they walk in and my huge Price is Right poster is not up.

…And I don’t know what to do with myself either!

It’s sad. It’s really sad. But doing it a little at a time is somehow, I think, making it less sad for me… (Of course, I don’t know how sad it would be otherwise. But the point is, this feels good… Well, as good as I can reasonably feel in this week.)

I passed out my thank you cards today. And there was a big sense of finality in that. I thought Wednesday would be better than Thursday because I had no idea if the very last day would be insane or chill or what. Also, it takes a long time to pass out thank you cards. So in case I couldn’t make it to the whole staff and crew in one day, I figured I should do it on Wednesday.

I thought I was just going to be dropping people’s cards at their desks. But no. Oftentimes we’d stop and chat and reminisce. It was lovely… and again, kind of surreal.

It also was hard to catch everybody (though I had a pretty good idea of when each department had the most downtime) and still get my own work done and all that jazz. (Although thankfully, my job is one of the jobs that got easier this week. Some got much harder. Some got easier. Mine was one of those.)

We also all hung out as a staff/crew together even more often than normal this week. Everyone keeps staying in the building basically until it closes. A bunch of us had the most fun at this 4th floor party last night where the EP kindly opened his office to anyone who wanted to join and talked all about his 20 months on the show.

Tonight was the one night people finally went home to rest (for the most part). We have a huge show and party tomorrow – plus, so many people have to pack! We were supposed to have a two week hiatus coming up. (Little did we know that hiatus was gonna be indefinite.) But a bunch of people (including me) had made plans and had plane tickets and all that jazz. People have to pack sometime!

I have moved stuff by a day and will pack Friday. And tonight, I stayed to get a little extra work done. (‘Cause tomorrow, I just wanna hang out. Let’s get real. ;))

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